If anyone knows how to bounce back from a controversial moment, it’s Rick Ross. The Biggest Boss is currently promoting his new book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire, and slid on The Bakari Sellers Podcast for a discussion. Complex notes, chatting with Sellers, Rozay touched on DaBaby‘s recent controversy and the best way to attack that.

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DaBaby was recently on the canceling block for homophobic remarks while at Rolling Loud, leading to a run axed tour dates and partnerships. DaBaby made his return to a big stage at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Seeing all of the fallout, Rozay delivered a message about how to work through a bad moment.

“You’re in a different position. You’ve got millions and millions of eyes on you and there are so many ways people can take one statement. It’s just really all about understanding and keeping the priorities of why you’re here. You’re here for a reason. You’re here to make incredible music for incredible people. So, let’s keep that as the focus. Let’s keep our fans first and foremost. That’s what means the most and that’s why you’re here.”


Recently, DaBaby once again addressed those who attempted to cancel him on his “Essence” freestyle:

“I just feel like, you know, when situations like this present themselves, man, and people try to, you know, assassinate your character, man, assassinate who you are, man, and everything you put that hard work in for, man—sometimes you gotta demonstrate, you know, that’s how I came in. I don’t mind demonstratin’. I don’t mind exercisin’, you dig what I’m sayin’?”

You can hear it in full below.