From the opening moments of A-Z, Gwa-La (Richmond, VA) draws the audience into the track with a soundscape that has cinematic and dramatic energy. The electronic composition features crisp 808 drums and a piano melody that repeats to build the energy and driving momentum. Clearly, Gwa-La is not only a stellar MC, but he’s also a visionary producer. This release stands out as a one-of-a-kind combination of modern hip-hop aesthetics and forward-thinking modern soundscapes, highlighting the artist’s incredible versatility. The instrumental is absolutely on point, but what’s even more striking is most definitely the artist’s formidable lyrical flow. The vocals appear melodic and tuneful, but there is also a lot of vibe and energy, with the lyrics essentially going on in 16th note, which is actually quite difficult to do, since there is a shorter gap between words, and only the most skillful rap artists are actually able to pull it off without scrambling and stumbling on words. Thankfully, this song doesn’t disappoint, and this talented rapper is definitely on top of his game.

What stands out the most about this new track is the rapid rap flow from Gwa-La. It’s obvious after only a few seconds into this brand new song that he has an inexhaustible amount of creative energy. This direct and fluid style is reminiscent of legends in the hip-hop genre, including Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z, to mention but a few iconic artists. Just like these rappers, Gwa-La leaves the audience wondering if his lyrics are just an incredible freestyle or from the writing room. Either way, it’s clear that Gwa-La is an innovative and forward-thinking rapper that’s got a lot to say.

Even though A-Z is a relatively new release, it already has thousands of streams which is growing each day. It looks like this new track is going to be just as popular as GWA-La’s previous tracks Problems and Booty.

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