Nashville, Tennessee artist Itz Jaleel, is the next big artist out of Tennessee. He started rapping around middle school then he released his first track on Soundcloud during his junior year in high school. After high school, he started college at Tennessee State University. After a loss of an important family member, he turned to music to cope. He just kept writing and writing and releasing new music. It wasn’t too long after that I realized how much I really love making music.

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After graduating from college earlier this year, it has opened a lot of time for him to focus more on his music career. He has released a lot of new content this year and I’ve got a lot more to put out. Be on the lookout for new music and content from Itz Jaleel. He wants to be remembered as the artist that healed the world. Itz Jaleel has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially Rap and Hip-Hop fans. He prides himself in having the ability to share his life story through his unbelievable lyrics. The wait is almost over, and we are excited to hear this piece of art that Itz Jaleel has been quietly orchestrating on the low. Stay tuned and make sure you go follow Itz Jaleel. The wait is almost over and we are excited to hear this new music from Itz Jaleel he has been quietly orchestrating on the low.

The Nashville, Tennessee artist has his fans waiting, and going crazy in the meantime, go listen to the official music from Itz Jaleel and get the popcorn ready. It’s a movie! It’s almost time for the new music from Nashville, Tennessee own Itz Jaleel. Listen now and enjoy.