Award-winning Queens emcee Ja Rule is set to face BX legend Fat Joe in a Verzuz battle slated for September 14th, and Rule says he intends to “drag” Joey Crack in their impending face off.

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“Crack, my brotha. So, you gonna drag me through the streets, huh? That’s cool, I’m comfortable there, ” said the Murder Inc. rapper. Ja went on to say that he is “going to drag you on that stage” and added that he’s going to make Fat Joe “sweat out that Versace.” 

Yesterday, the Don Cartagena told Ja Rule, “Yo Ja, it’s a little PSA because everybody know you ‘King Kong,’ everybody know you got all the hits. But I’m about to drag you, I’m about to bring you to the projects. Trinity Ave. Oh, y’all must’ve forgot, because I ain’t forget. Streets know.” 


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