It appears that the long standing feud between Ray Allen and Paul Pierce is behind them. Pierce and Allen were together Friday at the awards gala that precedes Saturday’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where Pierce will be one of the 16 inductees. Ironically, Allen was on hand as one of the presenters for Chris Bosh, who is also set to be enshrined. 

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The basis of the feud that still exists is largely between Allen and Kevin Garnett, who never got over Allen’s decision to leave for rivals Miami in 2012. Pierce has never had much of an issue with Allen publicly, and whatever issues they may have had seemed to well behind them now.

Allen garnered three All-Star selections and was one of the stars on the 2008 Boston Celtics championship team that got both Pierce and Garnett their rings. Garnett will be on hand for Piece’s Hall of Fame speech. That means Allen and Garnett will be in the same room together. Let’s see if Piece can get his two former teammates to burry the hatchet.