Many speculate that is only a matter of time before Zion Williams wants out of New Orleans. One of his newest teammates believes any media rumblings of that is straight trash.

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Pelicans guard Tomas Satoransky, who was just acquired by the team this offseason, spoke recently with European outlet Czech Daily. Satoransky, who is of Czech descent, called out the local media for supposedly cooking up fake stories about Williamson being unhappy in New Orleans.

“I have a feeling that some American media which cover the NBA want to break up teams and create fake stories so that something’s happening,” he said. “This one’s dissatisified. This one wants to leave. Most of the time, the truth is elsewhere or in the middle. 


“It’s definitely not true that Zion in his third season is thinking about not having good players around him,” Satoransky added. “I’m convinced of it.”

Williamson has two years left on his rookie deal and the Pelicans can offer him a max contract extension before hand. If Williamson wants out know he certainly not trying to fumble the bag. While Satoransky will be new on the scene in New Orleans, he might be on to something with this take.

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