Last night, New York City put two of their titans on the VERZUZ stage as Ja Rule and Fat Joe engaged in a joist of hits. Leading up to the battle, people wondered would 50 Cent be a better matchup and that spilled over to the comments of the Instagram stream. Irv Gotti would answer for Ja and let off a statement.

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“All y’all talking that 50 shit,” Gotti said. “All good. He got beat up stabbed up. Shot up. And sued us. That’s all I’m gonna say. Your hero ain’t what you think he is. Period. And Facts.”

Not too long after that hit online, 50 Cent would blast some words right back.


“I put they whole label out of business, fuck with me if you want to,” 50 said. “I would stay out of my way if i wasn’t me. LOL Green Light Gang.”

Catch the comments below.