There were many inspirations behind the celebrity looks at the MET Gala Rihanna was inspired by The Black Hoodie” as it was the thing that we are incriminated by as black people.  Yara Shahidi Josephine Baker.  Taraji P. Henson by Diana Ross.  Ciara was inspired by her husband, Russell Wilson’s football jersey.  Teyana Taylor looked stunning in a silver Prabal Gurung gown.  She wanted to look like a museum-worthy statue on a pedestal.  A classic Beauty standard of Venus De Milo. as she revealed in her Instagram post. Eloquently, describing herself as silver being both versatile and strong.   Read her thoughts in her own words. 

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“I wanted to look like a piece of the museum-worthy of being on the pedestal myself, which reminded me of *the* classic beauty standard of the Venus de Milo” 

A rose in Harlem dipped in silver preserves the rose in this precious material…Silver is one of the three base metals in Alchemy and is one of the most precious metals on earth. This metal is associated with emotions and sensitivity. It raises sensitivity and can expand your psychic awareness; it does not judge and only seeks to bring balance and calm. It is also thought to mirror the soul, helping us see ourselves as others do.


Silver has a bright and clear appearance and therefore represents qualities such as purity, clarity, and vision. It also symbolizes subtle strength. It is very versatile, strong, yet malleable….

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