Mental health activist Tyrone Crawford will use his upcoming EP and book to speak to those struggling behind closed doors. 

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Cleveland, Ohio native Tyrone Crawford is no stranger to mental health. Facing traumatic experiences of his own, he has struggled with finding light within the dark shadows of his life. Growing up in an environment with a single mother on drugs and an absent father, his life nearly ended up on the wrong side of the law. By the grace of God, his human guardian angel and cousin, Tiffany, invited him to church which led to him finding Christ. With a new purpose in life, he adopted the moniker Tyrone Crawford, the Christian rapper ready to change the world like fellow lyricist, Knine and National Christian recording artist Flame. God has since continued to work in his life and in the lives of those around him, curing his mother of her drug addiction and repairing his broken relationship with his father.

Over time, Tyrone Crawford has become known for viral 200,000 plus streamed singles and #1 Amazon Christian chart-topping album which was a highlight on the top 100 gospel charts. With his name reaching into international recognition, Tyrone Crawford has the status to affect change in lives across the world. He aims to do just that with his upcoming double project, titled “Parlay” with the subtitle “Transforming my stress into mental resilience.” The project includes an EP for music lovers and a 90-page book for those who enjoy substance in every turn of a page. “Parlay” will be a defining moment that goes beyond Tyrone Crawford’s career. The messages within this project evoke hype, chill, and thought-provoking emotions to impact those struggling with mental grief and hopelessness. Using his own experiences to help others out of their dark abyss, Tyrone Crawford joins them at their lowest, to uplift them to their best self. The double release coincides with his JED Foundation fundraiser “Tyrone’s Fitness For Mental Health” (#TFFMH), giving listeners something that would also inspire through workout exercises and motivate towards their life goals. 


Tyrone Crawford is changing the way artists connect with fans. He’s more about helping others through his work than gaining selfish desires. Support and preorder “Parlay” and stay up to date on its release via his socials.

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