There’s only one way to live your life and that’s out loud. Gabe Lincoln is a name that comes with an unforgettable persona. Simply put, the YouTube sensation turn rap star is destined for greatness.

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Gabe is a triple threat; songwriter, rapper and comedian. He’s one of many Georgia peaches in the game, but the only one whose name ring bells and is here to stay. Proudly repping the LGBTQ community, the Atlanta-bred young phenom makes his The Source debut with his latest single, “Ima Pop My Shit“. Produced by Alexx Musiq of Dubb Beats, the track is embedded in Gabe’s relatable and uncensored style.

When he’s not creating the viral hits, you can find Gabe keeping the laughs coming via his YouTube channel Gabe Lincoln TV or in the company of the likes of K. MichelleShekinah Jo or Kayla Nicole. Nothing, but positive vibes, dope tracks and good laughs. Gabe Lincoln is inevitably a mogul in the making.


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