Social media sensation, Daniel Jean has released a brand new hip-hop/trap single titled “Figi Di.” The brand-new single features Tony Mix, Topson, and Dread Shoodly. “Figi Di” is slang used to stunt and to show off, and this explains the overall concept of the song. The brand-new single is a show of top-notch delivery, unrivaled lyricism, and superiority. Musically, the song incorporates both conventional and unconventional hip-hop/trap elements to birth a rather unique blend of hip-hop/trap.

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Karter brings an exceptionally high level of ingenuity to the hip-hop/trap culture with the brand new single “Figi Di”.  The brand-new single has attracted positive reactions from fans as it is pure fire, filled with raw energy, and a high degree of intensity. Daniel Jean’s charismatic personality makes the song video and actual song totally irresistible. Lyrically and melodically, “Figi Di” is all-embracing as it uses familiar but unique musical/hip-hop intricacies and nuances while the rappers boldly make lyrical statements reminding you that they are megastars. The overall production is top-notch, as it adds color and character to the already color and character-filled song and video.

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