Her Impact on hip- hop fashion is one for the history books. The styles that she has created has inspired generations to be as fly and fabulous as their creative minds can dream. This week the fashion industy and her peers showed her all the love in the Real Talk Conversations with Misa Hylton, and Bevy Smith during New York Fashion Week.  The fireside chat left all inspired and empowered by the gems Misa dropped in the room. “As she grew I grew when she got more opportunities I had more opportunities every door she went through I went through.  And When I started working with Queen B Lil Kim who loved my fashions and Mary’s fashion I said Oh I do this, there ain’t no turning back now.”  And boy has she making her mark. Since,  becoming the Global Creative Partner for MCM  curating pieces for thor Puma Collaboration and dropping her own collection with the brand in March. Launching her Macy’s INC collection, all while continuing to leave her imprint on young stylists who follow in her footprint through her fashion academy.  The pivotal movement of the night came when Mary took the mic and gave Misa her flowers. “You and Puff took it to the next level and showed us what class was we were ghetto but yall make us ghetto fabulous.” Mary says “You are the architect. Respect the f*cking architect.” She tells the crowd.  

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