The Baltimore Ravens paid tribute Michael K. Williams and his iconic fictional Baltimore character. The Ravens fired up the fans by playing Omar’s whistle from the HBO show The Wire. They played it before the players ran onto the field for the game.

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On The Wire, Omar would often announce his presence by whistling “The Farmer in the Dell” to let the block know that he was coming.

The Wire is a drama about the drugs and corruption in other institutions in Baltimore. It aired on HBO from 2002-2006 and is regarded as one of the best TV shows ever created.


Fans of Williams were disappointed to learn of his Emmy loss at this year’s awards. The actor, who was nominated for his role on Lovecraft Country, was beaten out by Tobias Menzies who snagged Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Prince Phillip on Netflix’ The Crown. 

Nevertheless, the Ravens’ gesture was well received by the fans and the city of Baltimore. When you think of Baltimore, you will always think about Omar.

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