T.I. is laughing in the face of accusers with his new single “F*ck Em.” The new single features Lil Jon and his “I Don’t Give a F*ck” classic banger.

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The first verse examines T.I.’s life over the past year with bars like “Pretty hoes stay in my DM, I ain’t never had no problem getting no trim.” The second addresses those that were critical of his recent comments toward members of the LGBTQ community.

“On my life me and my wife, run this city, can’t snatch these stripes
We don’t care what they talking ‘bout fuck them lies
Just mad ‘cause they bankroll ain’t this size.”

Last week, T.I. and his wife, Tiny, sexual assault case were dismissed in Los Angeles. Prosecutors decided not to charge the couple as the case was not in the statute of limitations. The alleged assault of a woman occurred in 2005, TMZ reports.


During a live episode of the Big Facts podcast with Big Banka and DJ Scream, T.I. spoke about the allegations.

“That shit don’t hurt me,” T.I. said. “Lemme ask you a question. If that were really going on—they sent that shit to the feds, to GBI—I trust in every legal law faculty to do they job.”

T.I. would also deny the NDAs created by his team were to hide wrongdoing. “Privacy and anonymity must be held in high regard. That don’t mean nobody doing anything,” he said.