Angela Simmons has officially joined the hair game with a new haircare line for wigs, weaves, extensions, and protective style wearers who want to care for and maintain a healthy head of hair underneath it all.  Helping to protect and replenish your hair during pre-install, post takedown, and everything in between.  “ You all been asking us for a new CURLS Collection. Well, we’re bringing you just that!  Hair Under There Collection— A groundbreaking collection for women who want to take care of their real hair under their wigs, weaves, and extensions! “ Says CURLS  CEO Mahisha Dellinger on Instagram.

CURLS CEO Mahisha Dellinger and Angela Simmons

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The line will officially hit Walmart stores on October 30th with 5 products which according to the press release includes the Detox Tea Cleanser Shampoo that helps rid the scalp of excess buildup. The detox is comprised of an herbal tea-infused mixture that aids in purifying the scalp of dirt and debris, and it’s sulfate-free too!

Strengthen Me Moisture Mask. This deep conditioning moisture-infused mask is formulated with a natural protein to strengthen hair after weeks under a protective style. You can apply the mask to wet hair and use the product to detangle your hair section by section.


 Bomb Braid In Conditioner to apply before you head to the shop for a little extra moisture. This product is a  softening and hydrating pre-install treatment that can be used to prep your hair for any kind of protective styling. You can also apply the conditioner during the takedown process to soften your hair as you detangle to prevent breakage.  

Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion to protect your hair against sweat and harsh elements of the environment can often leave our scalps feeling itchy and irritated. This soothing scalp balm is the perfect pick me up to refresh, reinvigorate and hydrate your neglected scalp before or after braiding.

Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade.  This is for the girls who live for a laid and slayed look.  The vitamin-infused edge control thickens and protects delicate edges by preventing breakage and thinning. This pomade can also be used to blend natural hair with extensions, wigs, or weaves.

Each product in the new line will cost you $10.99 which is a big break from the high-priced natural hair products that can run a pretty penny.  We look forward to trying out the line and keeping you posted on the results.  

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