With a background that has brought him knowledge and experience in the field of scamming and cybercrime, AK Debris is turning his past into Scam Rap hits.

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Canadian artist AK Debris has been a star in Canada since 2016. Before making it out of his oppressive homeland, he was one of many youths wanting to be free. While they turned to trapping, AK Debris used his intellect and tech savvy knowledge to pirate pornography on CDs to older men as his hustle. Over recent years he has mixed Scam Rap into his subject content along with his popular street rap to make safer music for youths to listen to. With his autotune mumbling and other natural flows, he takes inspiration from cybercrime rappers like Teejayx6, Kasher Quon, 10kkev, Bandman Kevo, and Money Man, to create his own unique style of Scam Rap.

AK Debris takes pride in being one of the only scam rappers in Canada besides OTG Stiffy that are about that life and not in it for clout. Embodying the flow and lingo of Scam Rap popularized by artists like Teejayx6, AK Debris blends his signature comedy bars to make bangers like his single “Nice” featuring Kasher Quon where he raps, “this card replicated, tryna take a number 2 but I’m constipated.” While encouraging scamming isn’t the finest advice, AK Debris is using his nerd side to motivate the youths to steer clear of the street life to a safer means of making money behind their computers.


Even though any experience he had in his hacking days are long behind him, AK Debris utilizes the craft strictly for safe, legal, entertainment in his songs. Collaborating with fellow Scam Rap friends like CashUpJack, Yung Zuvy, ZayDropsChecks, and BandzWorldJohnny among others, they are taking over the rising sub-genre that was first hinted by Big Draco, Soulja Boy. Stay locked to AK Debris’ music to learn about his upcoming 10kkev project and more.

“Nice” featuring Kasher Quon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2i1PKOAH1E