Alica is someone who has always let the purity of her beauty and of course talent shine through in whatever she does. She allows her inner and outer beauty to lead in her interviews, social posts, and performances. So it comes as no surprise when we see her often sharing her daily beauty and wellness rituals on social media.  Sharing Mantra’s of the moment “Don’t hold anything back because you are divine magic.” she states, repeating to her followers I AM Magic.  She even gives us a peek into her Soulmate Ritual with  Husband Swizz Beatz. Sharing recipes that of course include her skincare Products Keys Soul Care (created a year ago in September 2020) but also talking about the organic ingredients contained in the line (that any of us can simply buy in the store)  and their benefits., the daily routines that help her get started, and the affirmations she says to herself that can help everyone shine.  She even had a 21-day meditation experience (currently closed ) that she’s designed with Depak Chopra. “I love the idea of creating these rituals and [learning] how we can make new ones. I started with the rituals that I use in my life, like lighting a candle,” she explains. Incense, meditation, crystals, oils, scents, mantras — they’re all elements of the rituals in her life. “If I feel like I don’t know what to do, I will say, ‘I am clear on all the decisions I have to make and I will call it forth. I will say that to myself and that becomes my mantra.” She says in an interview with Allure Magazine.  

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Even though we’re back outside,(a lot of us are still working from home, schooling at home, and everything elseing at home)  finding your center has become just as important as breathing and eating. And Alicia is here to make sure that through it all we are good. Mentally and Physically. Once your soul is cared for, you become everything you need to be. And you can spread that as far and wide as you want to.” she says to Allure.  Here is an example of  Alicias Soul Care on her most recent post on @KeysSoulCare on Instagram.  

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