Already establishing his skill and worth as a lyricist, Infamous Billa locks into his zone to finish creating the upcoming masterpiece of a debut album, “Billa.”

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The world has seen the transition of hip hop with every generation that has entered its gates, but with that comes a level of dilution that can disrupt the authenticity that once was enjoyed by fans. New York City, one of the greatest influencers of hip hop, slowly fell into that category as artists began mimicking the sound of other cities. With the rise of drill rappers like the late Pop Smoke and Casanova, the fire under New York’s gritty and aggressive sound was once more burning. That inspired many lyricists that shared the same ideals, wanting to see their city back at the top. Upper East Side rapper and lyrical spitter, Infamous Billa was one such lyricist that came into hip hop with the vision and mission of reintroducing the world to that hardcore New York sound by merging Drill and lyricism in perfect unison.

Since then, Infamous Billa has amassed a loyal fanbase along with gaining the respect of OG’s in the rap game. He has developed an almost impossible delivery and mind-blowing flow coupled with the rare ability to combine words like his musical influences Tupac and KRS One, over beats that resonate as hard as super producer Premo. Coming off the successful recent release of his debut mixtape, “Undefined,” Infamous Billa is ready to lock in and place his efforts on completing the remainder of his much yearned for debut self-titled album, “Billa.” The project currently holds a release date of January 1st, 2022, to start the hip hop new year off with what is being called the most anticipated upcoming album. With the quality of music that he has already stacked in his catalog, “Billa” is sure to be an album that will impact upon every person in the world that hears its sound. 


Infamous Billa has been known to submerge fans in raw emotion expressing pain, grit, heart, inspiration, and everything within life’s experiences. He has always created music with the intention to not only bring New York back to glory, but to uplift the world positively and use his success to make a stand against inequality and injustice. His upcoming debut album will house even more passion and emotion within its words and layered lyrical melodies. With his music and business endeavors like his self-owned cannabis company achieving new heights, Infamous Billa continues to counter bad karmic energy with good karma as he moves to LA to finish his album.

Stream the Upper East Side rapper’s current body of work while awaiting the release of his debut album, “Billa.”