A strong follow-up to his original single “Die Iconic”, Tamil-Canadian Hip Hop artist Shan Vincent de Paul drops a raw and captivating new hit “Die Iconic II” on all streaming platforms. Paired with a stunning visual to capture Shan’s energy and true essence, “Die Iconic II” carries the same “by any means necessary” sentiment but showcases Shan as a more experienced artist. The original “Die Iconic” is how most of Shan’s fan base originally discovered his art. Making the sequel the final song on his latest album “Made in Jaffna” was a conscious choice – a little something for the fans to take with them as a ‘thank you’ for their many years of genuine support. Channeling the competitive aspect of rap, the new track proves compelling as Shan continues to push the boundaries of what’s to be expected. And the visual is stunning; a solid mix of classic and futuristic aesthetics, viewers are easily transported into a new and unexpected dimension well-suited for the vibe of his new track.