Waka Flocka went on a trip to Canada because he was interested in SKRIT‘s NFT creativity and capabilities which they have been flourishing within their Satoshi.ART division/LLC. 

Waka ended up joining forces with SKRIT for a special collaboration.
“Through Art and business a partnership soon blossomed and expanded into fashion which they consider to be the new intersection between the virtual and physical space which is3 interconnected with multitudes of creative and a diverse audience,” as per the press release.

The Canadian streetwear brand commemorated their partnership with Waka Flocka and Nilson Martinez with their first-ever U.S. event at TAO during New York Fashion Week.

SKRIT is a premium streetwear brand created in Montreal, Canada in 2019 by founders Prateep Kanesh aka ‘Stally” and Justin Rosen who have been friends since childhood and had the vision to bring this amazing line and concept to life. 

With a hustler’s spirit at the core, their love for art and street culture gave birth to SKRIT, a brand now backed by a community of creatives who consider SKRIT an extension of their own personality i.e. the unique messaging through the art-driven designs seen on the clothing.  

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