Climate change isn’t near — it’s here.

As the flooding from Hurricane Ida demonstrated with devastating effect, it’s not enough to focus solely on preventing extreme climate events, from flash flooding to superstorms to heatwaves. We must also focus on the interventions needed to warn, educate, and protect New Yorkers from the worst effects of climate change.

That’s why Eric just released a plan to address New York City’s resiliency needs, one that both centers those most impacted by climate change and capitalizes on the opportunity to invest in job creation, industry expansion, ecological restoration, and improved public health and mental health outcomes.

His plan has three objectives, listed below, that he’ll aim to achieve through short-term, medium-term, and long-term measures:

Objective #1: Keep NYC and New Yorkers physically and financially safe from climate events.

Objective #2: Shore up the city’s ability to thrive and grow in the long term through unexpected climate events.

Objective #3: Prioritize resiliency solutions that address multiple challenges with a single solution, including public safety, the economy, equity, health, and the environment.

He’ll achieve these objectives through measures such as creating an early warning system for extreme weather, appointing a climate czar, and fast-tracking underfunded resiliency projects in the short term; through implementing a Climate Jobs program and building new affordable housing outside of flood-plains and other at-risk areas in the medium-term; and through exploring public-private partnerships and incentives and preparing our city to self-sustain in climate emergencies in the long term.

What New Yorkers need most right now is a city government that will protect future generations while taking care of those most in need today. And Eric believes that, with preparedness, we can create the New York City we want to live in — and that we want our grandchildren to live in — while becoming an example for the world.

Eric Adams – Democratic Candidate for NYC Mayor

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