Machine Gun Kelly may have many fans, but as he found out this weekend, he also has a lot of critics- especially in the rock/metal community. MGK found out the hard way that crossing over genres is not always a seamless transition when he was booed off stage and then fought at least one fan at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Video footage from the event shows fans flipping off the singer and booing him as he performed his set in front of a crowd at an event known more for rock and metal than hip-hop or top 40 artists. Another video shows the artist in a physical skirmish with fans after his set.

MGK first made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene with Billboard chart-topping albums such as Lace Up, General Admission, and Bloom. As his career developed, he had many of the normal beefs with other hip-hop artists, most famously with Eminem in late 2018, which prompted MGK to release a diss track (and video) “Rap Devil,” which was later met with Eminem’s own targeted track, “Killshot,” which ended up being one of his most popular songs to date.


Over the past few years, MGK has transitioned to more of a punk rock style of music, which has left some fans confused and critics quick to speculate as to why he made the change and if he should have made it in the first place.

This weekend’s booing apparently stems from MGK’s most recent beef with Corey Taylor of Slipknot, a popular alt rock band. Kelly apparently had invited Taylor to be on a track on MGK’s Tickets to my Downfall, to which Taylor first agreed. However, Taylor said that he would not accept MGK’s team’s suggestions to change his verse and so the track never happened. Taylor posted all of this information on Instagram following MGK’s subtle diss where he said that he was happy that he wasn’t a 50-year-old wearing a mask. Slipknot’s members all wear masks whenever they perform.

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