Chef Boyar Offset was has stepped on the scene!

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The Migos rapper is already known for cooking up raps and flows for his number of hits. Now he showing off how he gets busy in the kitchen.

Set recently posted his breakfast recipe in a step by step video on his Instagram story. The meal contained of Ramen noodles, breakfast sausage links, and boiled eggs.


First, Offset began with adding butter to the pot of boiling water. Then, he added the Ramen to the pot. After draining the water from the pot, he added some Ramen seasoning and black pepper, followed by adding the burnt sausage.

With this recipe some would say Offset is giving Saweetie a run for her money with cooking recipes.Would you eat Offset’s gourmet breakfast?

Earlier this month, Offset and his wife, Cardi B, celebrated the birth of their second child together.