It can be tough being a female artist in the industry, as women in music are frequently heavily criticized. Latto, former name Mulatto has released her music visual to her single “Big Energy” this past week, and the reviews on the project are split. This marks Latto’s return from a long break as the rapper prepares to record her second studio album.

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With Latto’s new sound, a lot of critics have been comparing the rapper to Doja Cat, referring to the rapper as Doja Cat’s “son.” The comparisons and negative comments must have gotten to Latto as she took to Twitter regarding the hate. “I hate this Latto hate train I feel so misunderstood being I’m literally the least problematic person ever irl,” she tweeted.

A few months ago, rapper Coi Leray had to pick herself up following a Rolling Loud performance that didn’t seem like fans were enjoying the show. Following that incident, an individual who seemed to like Coi took a picture with her and then threw shade. The “No More Parties” singer didn’t allow any of the hate to kill her shine as she remained positive and even received some words of encouragement from Nicki Minaj.


It looks as if now Coi Leray is paying the positivity forward to Latto after having a similar experience. “They forget we human too,” Coi posted on Twitter.  “It’s all good keep applying pressure! IM TEAM LATTO ALL DAY.”

We love to see women’s empowerment in the industry. Would you be here for a collab between Latto and Coi Leray?

Check out the video to “Big Energy” below, which is now #4 on iTunes! Congratulations on Latto’s return!

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