Once again, officers in Missouri are under investigation following a viral video that depicted a black man detained by the police being repeatedly bitten by a police dog.

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The cringy video shows the police detained the suspect with his hands on the squad car before one of the officers allowed a dog to begin attacking the individual.

After some time, one of the officers began to take the man down with the help of his colleague, all while the dog continued to use the victim as his chew toy.


The man who is then trying to get up off the ground will be brought to the ground again after taking several bites to the right foot by the canine. Bystanders tried to step in and help. Aside from the person recording, a woman can be heard yelling, “Don’t let the dog bite him,” once the man was in handcuffs. “Are you serious? Oh my God. You let him bite him,” the woman continued.

The Missouri police department stated that they responded to a call Monday morning that a man broke into a local business in Woodson Terrace. They also said they warned the suspect that the canine would be used if he continued to resist arrest.

The man has not been charged with any crimes and has been treated at the hospital and released. Protestors are currently demanding the termination of the officers involved.

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