NLE Choppa is launching his very own food truck in his hometown of Memphis.

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According to reports, the “Walk Em Down” rapper started living a vegan lifestyle in August 2020. After turning to veganism, NLE Choppa says he noticed the lack of vegan options in Memphis. Prompting the 18-year-old rapper to change things.

On Saturday NLE introduced his This Can’t Be Vegan company, which he hopes can help decrease the city’s crime rate and increase the amount of people in education.


In a statement, Choppa said he believes by getting people better food, it will change their thought process.

“Memphis, I feel like, is a place where vegan food is needed the most ’cause I know, just by getting our hands on better food will change the thought process,” he said in a video on Twitter. “Possibly the crime rate will go down, scholars will go up, anything. Bro, I have a vegan food truck that will be mobile across the city, from hood to hood, suburb to suburb.”

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