Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal are not shying away from letting people know thier vaccination status.

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Kyrie Irving was absent from the Brooklyn Nets media day on Monday because of New York City’s COVID-19 protocols.

While Beal revealed that he has not been vaccinated for COVID-19 on Monday at Wizards Media Day. The Washington shooting guard said “personal reasons” are why he’s yet to get the shot.


Beal also talked about his time with COVID-19 that cost him a trip to the Olympics, saying “I didn’t get sick at all. I lost my smell but that was it for me.”

Irving spoke over Zoom and declined to discuss his vaccination status. The star point guard also said he wanted to remain private about the matter.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio made an executive order in August requiring New York pro athletes who practice or play indoors to show proof of at least one vaccine shot.

Celtics star Enes Kanter shared, he understands that some people may be hesitant, but it’s really important to get vaccinated because they are, after all, playing a very physical sport.

This follows the news of Basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saying NBA players should get the COVID-19 vaccine or get kicked off their team.

The Hall of Famer told Rolling Stone that there’s no room for players willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates. Speaking on CNN Monday, Abdul-Jabbar likened the fight against the virus to a war, with masks and vaccines the weapons.

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