Jeezy has entered a new partnership with liquor brand Naud Spirits. The line is known for its award-winning Cognacs and a growing line of additional spirits including vodka and gin.

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The five generations of craftmanship are continuing with Jeezy’s experience, evident in his work in building Tequila Avion to become the third best-selling tequila in the country.

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“Naud’s rich history as one of the most forward-thinking distilleries in France, combined with my knowledge and experience in growing brands, particularly in the hospitality and spirits industry, has tremendous potential to see explosive growth here in the U.S.,” says Jeezy. “As I continue to grow my business portfolio, I look to brands, like Naud, that possess legacy experience but with a desire to push beyond conventionality for a better business.”


“We are so excited to be working hand-in-hand with an accomplished artist and businessman of Jeezy’s caliber who can add the exact kind of innovative thinking and strategy we believe will help take our brand to the next level in the U.S. market,” says Pierre Naud, Sales Manager for NAUD Spirits.

This latest partnership with Naud is set to be Jeezy’s biggest brand deal to date and will allow the seasoned mogul to strategically build his ever-expanding portfolio of businesses and brand partnerships through a high-growth brand and industry.