According to several confirmed reports, two Ohio police officers are charged with distributing fentanyl working as part of a larger drug-trafficking ring. 

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According to the report, authorities say John J. Kotchkoski, 33, and Marco Merino, 44, are accused of selling and distributing 7.5 kilograms of fentanyl. 

“These allegations are beyond disturbing. If proven, such actions would violate the oath our officers take, the standards we must hold ourselves to, and the trust of the public …” Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant said in a statement. “We have, and will continue to, work cooperatively with federal authorities. Because this is an ongoing investigation, I cannot comment further on these cases. This alleged conduct does not reflect the values of this division, or the excellent work being done by its employees. I will say it again: when my officers do what’s right, I will always have their back. When they don’t, they will be held accountable.”