VEDO has returned with his fifth studio album 1320. The new album features Ari Lennox, Lloyd, Eric Bellinger, Jacquees, and Erica Banks. Along with the release of the album, VEDO penned an open letter:

1320, My 5th Studio Album. 13 represents a dark time in my life as I lost my mother to lung cancer while I was on “The Voice”. During that time, I felt empty, alone, scared and scarred. I lost touch with the world, relationships, friendships even GOD. I didn’t care about anything anymore. Even my music, in my opinion, wasn’t the same. I had to really find my place.

20 represents (New Life, Rebirth) from 2013-2020 I spent 7 years putting myself back together but many never knew that. April 10th, 2020, is when my daughter was born. This was the true moment where I felt whole again, I felt full, I felt needed…This little person was now about to be my broke best friend. My mother loved me and my brothers unconditionally and I now know what it feels like to be loved and to Love unconditionally.

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The passion in the music is back, the love is back, the artistry is back.

Along with those features, 1320 is produced by J.white, C.N.O.T.E , Stonii, Lil Ronnie, and $k.


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