“Lost”, the brand-new song from Guillaume Rassemi is starting to look very good. Since its release,  within a few days, the song has reached great heights in popularity. Guillaume Rassemi is now the artist to watch out for. He came out of nowhere and is now on everyone’s minds. 

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Guillaume is without a doubt a new artist on the scene. But within a very short time, he has managed to  attract the attention of many listeners around the world. His songs have a combination of melodic  techno and hip hop which make them appealing to many listeners. With such raw talent like this, we  can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us. 

“Lost” features some melodic, almost hypnotical beats that captivate the listener. As the title of the song suggests, it is easy to actually get lost in the music. You might find yourself dancing as soon as you hear the song. That’s how powerful the song is. 


To get a taste of “Lost” for your self check it out below.

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