There is no stopping Big Lex from what she wants to do.

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During the second season of Joseline’s Cabaret on Zeus Network, Lex quickly became a prominent character who is always down for whatever. Her moment of notoriety on the show came after one of the women shared that she aborted her twin babies. Big Lex instantly replied, “Double homicide.”

The clip was a certified viral moment and launched her into the reality TV stratosphere.


She even dropped a diss track about Joseline entitled “Double Homicide.”

She certainly added to that moment with several incidents that occurred on the show, including her final altercation with Joseline at the reunion.

Now she is using that platform to launch her new show, Big Lex, The Baddie, Collection.

She took to her Instagram last week to make the announcement.

“Send your audition videos in now,” she said. “Remember when you send your videos in please include a small bio , your Instagram, contact information and LOTS OF PERSONALITY SHOW ME WHY YOU’RE A BADDIE.”

Big Lex added that women who audition must be 21 or older.