Sean Rajan music writer and also the owner of the TopGear Supercars. Supercars are the purest and most extreme expression of automotive performance there is – and no one knows the territory better than the man Sean Rajan himself. With ever-increasing power outputs, radical new designs, and eye-popping price tags Sean Rajan has collaborated with artist like French Montana, The Kardashian’s, DJ Khalid and most importantly Pop Smoke .

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Sean Rajan has one of the largest Air Cooled Porsche Dealership’s in the US with over 70 Air Cooled Porsche’s at all times. He also provides other exotic vehicles from Ferrari’s to Lamborghini’s. 

Sean Rajan can assist in finding you the vehicle you are looking for whether for a luxury or for rentals such as music videos and can also ship them world-wide.


Sean Rajan lives am ultimate dream life, putting the most exotic, the most elusive and the most expensive cars to the test.

You will find first-hand accounts of the driving experience, expert analysis of engineering expertise, speed and handling, all the stats to satisfy the most dedicated of car enthusiasts. 

Sean Rajan owns Topgear collection and TopGear Imports, specializing in rare collectibles which include Air Cooled Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and other Imports. They offer a variety of luxury cars to choose from.