A report from The Insider has confirmed that the Swedish artist known for his controversial depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, was killed in a car crash over the weekend in Sweden.

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Lars Vilks, the 75-year-old artist who has been depicting the religion of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad as a dog since 2007, had survived a series of assassination attempts until his death this past weekend. Vilks had a bounty placed on his head by al Qaeda following his image of the Prophet Muhammad. Depictions of the Prophet are generally outlawed according to Islamic law.

Vilks, along with two plainclothes officers in the police car, all perished as the car crashed head-on with a truck. The driver of the truck survived, but with serious injuries.


Chief Prosecutor Kajsa Sundgren announced a preliminary investigation into whether “any police officer may have committed a crime in connection with the accident.”

According to the preliminary report, the police car went over a guardrail and veered into oncoming traffic where they crashed into the truck. Police have claimed they were unaware of any new threats prior to Sunday’s car accident.