Danny Riguez is an independent rap artist hailing from Los Angeles, California. His sound is untapped because he doesn’t subscribe to a single rap undercurrent. Instead, he wears his heart on his sleeve and fuses melodic undertakings, resulting in a kaleidoscope of musical avenues.

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Danny’s adventures in music started at a very young age, as he was always fascinated by the magic of sound. As a child, he has always had a passion and love for music. From eight years of age, he was already creating original music and building a home studio in his closet! Throughout his early years, Danny had it tough. He went through two divorces and was solely raised by his mother for a time. However, these experiences didn’t only bring negativity but also helped the artist shape his character. He became a more resilient person to know what’s important and always found an outlet for his emotions in music. He learned how to look after himself and prepare for anything in life throughout all of this. 

After finishing high school, Danny started to travel and make music full-time. In 2020, to make a secure income while still following his dreams, he joined the United States Army and moved to Korea. The army has been a significant challenge for Danny, but he has been able to balance his work commitments and his music career. Currently, he is investing his time and money into producing and releasing music and even has a team that helps him with the logistics of his music career while he can focus on the artistic side. As they say, rap music is all about storytelling, so there is an extraordinary personal component to his artistry and how Danny can use his experiences to connect with people on a more immediate level.


Danny understands that it will never go entirely to plan for a new project. Yet, this is the way he likes it. What makes his tracks stand out in the industry is that he loves to go with the flow and embrace the unpredictability of the music-making process. 

If something isn’t working, Danny takes a relaxed approach and simply goes to the club or hangs out with his friends to cool off and take a break from the project. Once he’s had some time off, he can approach it in a whole new way and make a solid release that his fans will love. Ultimately, this rapper on the rise serves as an actual role model for his listeners. He has ambition and humility, showing people that anybody can achieve their goals and make their dreams come true if they work hard enough to set the bar higher and make something happen, instead of just sitting and waiting around!

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