Allen Iverson for a long time was the face of the Philadelphia 76ers. So you can understand why he is shocked and disappointed that the 76ers haven’t ever bought him into the organization in some capacity.

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Iverson spoke this week with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks. He expressed confusion as to why the 76ers have not hired him since he retired.

“I’m a Sixer for life,” said Iverson. “I got Sixer blood pumping through me. Everybody knows that I want to help that organization. I been retired, what, 11 years? I don’t know how I’m not a part of that staff in some kind of way.


“Even if it’s [as a consultant],” Iverson added. “I will be the happiest in the world and the money thing ain’t got nothing to do with it. It’s just me being me and me being a Sixer and wanting to help. I don’t know why nothing has been put in place for me. I still love y’all. Don’t get it twisted. It’s all love and it ain’t never going nowhere. But it’s just something I don’t understand.”

Iverson 76ers basketball during his ten-year stretch with them from 1996 to 2006. While in Philadelphia, he racked up everything from All-Star appearances and All-NBA selections to scoring titles and an MVP award. Iverson is also responsible for the team’s only Finals berth since the 1980s.

While this might be an oversight by the organization, expect at least a conversation to happen within the organization about Iverson soon.