AGON has released his brand new track “Face Your Fears.”

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Agon is back with an exciting new track: Face Your Fears! The artist has a powerful message with this song: “Do not let fears choose your destiny.”

“Face Your Fears” features an epic introduction that makes it totally impossible to skip ahead to the next song. Once you start listening to “Face Your Fears” you’ll be hooked until the very end!

This new release features AGON’s signature, multi-layered soundscape. In the background, there are haunting female vocals as well as strings. Both of these sounds add a lot of depth to the music as they fit very well with the driving drumbeat. The track has a very open and catchy intro, which sets the mood before diving into the arrangement deeper. The vocals sit perfectly within the mix, soaring above the instruments without ever overpowering them, offering a balanced listening experience throughout the entire duration of the track.


It’s amazing to see new rappers taking bold chances with their music. Lately, it feels like the industry has fallen into a rut, but with artists like this adding in new life to the genre, it may survive!

What’s most impressive about AGON’s new track is that he is able to blur the lines between the old and the new. Ultimately, Agon is definitely the type of artist who loves to take risks; there is something truly special about how everything seems to fall into place when music and lyrics are so well-placed and thoughtfully arranged. This song has a big sound, but the lyrics give it an even deeper feel as the artist is usually keen on dealing with very existential topics.

Fans of the hip-hop genre will love this new track from AGON.