As soon as the calendar hit October 1st, Hot Girl Meg went into complete Halloween mode, wearing a real live pumpkin over her head in a spontaneous photo shoot, and in just one week she revealed 4 different manicures in her signature’ new set’ nail pose of spooky nail designs and we can’t get enough of.   Halloween is obviously one of her favorite festivities as she created ‘Hottieween’ directed by Teyana Taylor back in 2019. This year she’s celebrating early with a spooky set created by her manicurist Cocoa Michelle and if you’re wondering if she’s saving time by popping gon press ons? She dispelled the rummers in her story stating  “Saw someone of Twitter saying my nails are press on..They are not lol.” . Take a look below. While we will continue to scroll her Instagram and obsess over what Meg’s gonna reveal to her 25 million followers next, as scary season is just beginning.  

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The Venom $et

Each nail is painted in black with blue lightning details, the middle finger created into a 3D zombie complete with bulging eyes and tongue darting out of its pointy-toothed mouth.  


The X-Ray Set

This design looks like they are glowing in the dark.  Each nail is created to look like a different part of a skeleton, painted in a blue hue onto a jet-black base. A skull sits on her right index finger and the left middle finger, while parts of the spine can be seen on the left ring finger in her signature ‘lipstick’ shape. 

The Eye Design

Each lipstick-shaped nail has a very detailed multi colored bloodshot eye designed painted on each tip.   

Coffin Shaped Blood Dipping Nails 

The first spooky manicure of the season is an all-white manicure with a mix of a coffin (of course) and stiletto-shaped tips, The pointers, and pinkies are finished with red polish in a blood-dripping design.