Ruby Recordings is a full-service record label with their own in-house management, distribution, public relations, and studio located in Utica, New York. CEO Trizzy came up with the name upon being inspired by the rare and precious stone and his mother who’s named Ruby. Trizzy had originally signed himself to the record label so he could start releasing his own material. Now having survived the pandemic and with business booming again, Trizzy has decided it’s time to rejuvenate Ruby Recordings. With the record label having the right industry connections and resources, including distribution to major platforms and marketing, they’re looking for a few new artists that they can build up from the ground up. 

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Their motto at Ruby Recordings is “Winners Never Quit.” They would like to motivate and teach upcoming artists how to reach their goals as independently as possible. They want artists to understand no matter how good their music is, it simply is not enough because no one will do the work for you. The label knows that the secret to raising awareness as an independent artist in today’s flooded market is to think differently. This is why Ruby Recordings has already experienced the success they have with a few music artists that they’ve been working with. 

Some of the music artists that Ruby Recordings has already enjoyed success with include JT5K, Steevy Franch, and Lifeof9000. JT5K is a Canadian recording artist hailing from Edmonton, Alberta and he is arguably one of the hottest acts out in rap music. Ruby Recordings is behind the rise of the rapper and they are quickly emerging as a new powerhouse as rap continues to dominate the global mainstream music scene. Over the years the record label’s other successes have included signing music acts such as Haitian Fresh and FriO Isa Blaque who released their first album with the label. Ruby Recordings is also home to artists such as AB Tazz, ReeseMoe, Moeschino, KC Solo, and many more. All of the artists on Ruby Recordings roster are well-known for their work ethic and constantly flooding the market with fresh new material such as mixtapes, singles, and features. Within a year the label has already built up a distinct label profile in today’s rap scene with a unique sound, a Ruby sound!