A Louisiana high school student is under arrest after allegedly assaulting a disabled teacher as part of a suspected TikTok challenge. 

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Covington Police responded to a call of a student physically assaulting a teacher after the school bell rang at Covington High School.  Upon arrival, the officers determined that a disabled 64-year-old teacher was attacked by student Larrianna Jackson. 

A video shows Jackson approaching the teacher and punching her, knocking her to the ground.  She proceeded to punch the teacher a second time fore the video ends. 


It is suspected the attack is inspired by a “slap a teacher” challenge on TikTok.  The teacher was taken to a local hospital to be treated, while Jackson has been charged with battery of a school teacher, which is a felony.

Reportedly an East Boston Middle School is also warning it’s faculty and parents that students will face expulsion and criminal assault charges if they participate in the suspected TikTok challenge. This news comes after a Braintree student is facing potentially significant punishment for allegedly assaulting a teacher.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, the school district confirmed the assault was inspired by the TikTok “slap a teacher” challenge.

In August TikTok took action to ban the “milk crate” challenge after a number of injuries were reported. That challenge involved users stacking crates in a pyramid and then attempting to climb up them like stairs.

TikTok released the following statement calling the alleged challenge a rumor.

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