Jeff Hamilton, the French-American celebrity fashion designer that has made his mark in the fashion industry in the most bold ways possible. You’ve probably seen his flashy custom pieces on one of your favorite celebrities.

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With decades of experience in mainstream fashion and having worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Michael Jordan, Jeff Hamilton is truly a legend and icon.

Hamilton’s portfolio is outstanding including some of the world’s biggest stars and brands such as Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Guns n’ Roses, P Diddy, Dave East, Swizz Beatz, the NBA, NFL, Nascar, Guess? For Men and countless others.


His iconic jackets have also been worn by several presidents and even made television appearances in Martin Lawrence’s Martin sitcom as well as the most recent Wiz Khalifa Kobe Bryant tribute performance.

In his exclusive interview with Trillest Entertainment’s newest online magazine, 2Trill Magazine, Jeff speaks on art, experiences throughout the decades, and most importantly the key to happiness, as he is notorious for his bright smile paired with sunglasses. One can only wonder what advice the fashion icon can bring to the table and in this interview with 2Trill Magazine, Denisa Debocci and Jeff Hamilton are able to highlight what audiences need to know.

“It’s been a time of hard work and dedication to myself. I was the founder of Guess jeans for men and started to design jackets for myself. The nature of the jackets, they were flashy and elegant, and I gained the attention of celebrities.”

He is the man behind the works of art and has given jackets an entirely new meaning. Artists typically portray their creativity and masterpieces on a canvas, but Jeff’s “canvases” happen to be made of leather.

“Michael Jordan is the hero of the culture. There is no culture without Michael Jordan. As far as fashion, sneakers, way of speaking,” said Hamilton. “That jacket and the Kobe jacket. It was such a big part of the career and that’s what helped push me to the top.”

You can hear him designing for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and more below.

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