With the advent of prescription drug use at its highest, rappers such as NLE Choppa and most recently Meek Mill, have used their reach to discourage young people from using and abusing prescription pills, which is now being dubbed as “the new dope”. Meek Mill recently made an appearance on A Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast with Gillie The King and Wallo267 and totally condemned pill popping, something he used to do before he smartened up.

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Meek says that since the deaths of Mac Miller, Lil Peep and Shock G, he nnow has a “zero tolerance” for Percocets and the widespread of fentanyl which has claimed hundreds of lives around the country.

“That shit is fentanyl. If you take Percs right now, you an asshole,” Meek said. “You can die off of just trying to get high, kill half your brain cells in your mind just by trying to get high.”


See the interview in its entirety below.