Irv Gotti has found himself in the eyesight of Birdman. The Cash Money head honcho did not appreciate the words spewed by the Murder Inc. boss regarding Lil Wayne‘s contact. The odd thing is, the comments were made back in 2017!

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Gotti was a guest on Everyday Struggle in 2017, in the heart of the rift between Birdman and Lil Wayne over the latter’s contract and money owed. “I heard Universal, every few years, cuts them n***as $100 million,” Gotti said.

He would add a bit more to the conversation. “That’s why I said, I was like, ‘Yo, fuck it, na. [Lil Wayne] deserves it.’ It’s not like the na said, ‘Hey, I’m your son. Give me money.’ This n***a deserve it, yo.”


Birdman caught a hold to the clip and shared it on Instagram with the caption, “I’m jus seen this. mind ur Fukin business I been a get money n***a RG.”

Last month on The Big Facts podcast, Birdman would address all claims of pulling a bag from artists. “I ain’t never took from no nigga,” Birdman said. “I always bless niggas. I had some incidents early on because I was really young in this shit. I ain’t know no better. Any problem I had I cleared it up. I paid my nigga. Remember because I was young. I’m telling you 20 years old. So, a lot of shit happened early on, I just ain’t know. And I’m with these white folks and they not attending to the business.”

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