Asian Doll had a few words for anyone invested in her private life.

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She recently fired off some tweets, in a rant to get some things off her chest.

“You b*tches be worried bout me like I’m y’all kid or some lol,” she started. “I’ll never give a f*ck you b*tches stay with my name in y’all mouth I stay on you hoes mind.”


Over the past few weeks, the internet has had a lot of to say about Asian Doll’s rumored relationship with rapper, JackBoy. On Sunday night, she had time to address it publicly.

“You hoes is literally FANS,” she continues. The 24-year-old rapper was accurate in that statement. Fans typically invest in more than just their favorite artist’s music. Asian express her displeasure with this.

The “Nunnadet” rapper ended her Twitter rant by complimenting her privates, saying she abstain from sex before she’s intimate with a “pu**y ni**a.”

“My (kitten emoji) a treasure box, ain’t sh*t but GOLD & DIAMONDs in that mf.”

While the rest of the rant was deleted, something that many artists are notorious for doing, it was picked up by TheShadeRoom.

Asian Doll was recently added to Polo G’s Hall Of Fame tour.