Michael Jordan is making it clear where he stands with the NBA’s COVID-19 vaccine protocol, right alongside the league. Over the past month, Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins have been in the headlines for their antivaxx stances, but Air Jordan, now the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, does not mince his feelings.

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Jordan states he is a “firm believer in science” when speaking with Craig Melvin of NBC’s TODAY show.

“I am total in unison with the league,” Jordan said. “And I think everybody, you know, has been speaking about the vaccinations. And, you know… I’m a firm believer in science and… I’m going to stick with that and hopefully everybody abides by whatever the league sets the rules. I think once everybody buys in, we’re going the be fine.”


Earlier this month, Wiggins bought in and got vaccinated to join the rest of his Golden State Warriors during the season. Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving has yet to be vaccinated, but he can practice with the team at their facility.

You can hear Jordan discuss COVID-19 protocols in the NBA and the monumental victory for Bubba Wallace below.

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