Tankovitz has always been an artist who has been a rebel. She does fashion designing as her main job and is never afraid to go against the flow. She stands strong against adversity and gets her message through. She expresses similar feelings in her single “Unbreakable”

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“Unbreakable” has been resonating with Tankovitz’s fans. They have always liked the way she gets her message across the board and her thoughts through her music. That is why when she released “Unbreakable” it became a massive hit.

Rumor Records have helped Tankovitz in getting her message spread through her song. They have followed her directions and instructions and have produced the track in such a way that Tankovitz’s original intentions were expressed. After all, what can be more admirable than a person doing what they feel is right in their hearts?


You can find “Unbreakable” on Spotify below.