Actress Tisha Campbell posted a video to her instagram slamming the company Headgear Classics for stealing her image to sell t-shirts.

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“I’m all for the come up but you just can’t put somebody’s face on a shirt without their permission and pocket everything!”

While Campbell has spoken up, many artists alive and dead are robbed by entities profiting off of their images. Many people start new businesses paying homage to celebrities forgetting these images are licensed. Is it paying homage or stealing when you purchase a shirt with your favorite celebrity?


Campbell wrote:

Chileeeee! It not just about my image…Head Gear classics will also have to contend with photographers who took the photos and owns them as well as the companies that owns the Martin show and House Party proper…you poor thing. Thanks @berkleytheartist for the heads up… love you friend!

CLICK HERE for Tisha Campbell’s cease and desist post.