Born in Dallas, Texas, KIDJUDA moved out to the city of angels as a middle schooler. The creative began making music towards the end of his high school career. He was deeply inspired by his older brother’s freestyles and realized he wanted to be an artist.

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KIDJUDA has never been confined to one genre, being inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Kid Cudi. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, KIDJUDA has shown promise early in his music career. The artist made his debut back in 2018 with his song ‘Ballin Like Harden’, and has been progressing his sound ever since.

Since 2018, KIDJUDA has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams as an independent artist. His song ‘DANCER” has racked up over 200 thousand streams, bringing new listeners to the artist’s profile every day.


While no official release has been announced, KIDJUDA did mention that he plans to release more music soon. The artist has been actively working on his company Hollywood Punks in the meantime, a distribution platform for NFTs catered toward celebrities.

You can listen to KIDJUDA below.