Tara Electra has dropped her newest track “Light It Up”. The track has been said to spice the party up as soon as it’s played. Across the nation, the song has become a party staple. The song has made Tara into a star overnight. 

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Although Tara started out as an Instagram influencer, who owns a number of successful businesses, she now shows her talent in music. She is able to incorporate melodies and beats together and bring them together in a harmony that blends together perfectly. This is one of the reasons why her fans enjoy her songs so much.

“Light It Up” lifts the mood of the party up. It takes any occasion to another level. No matter the occasion, no matter the place, the song is an instant hit everywhere. To be able to create a song like that requires a lot of talent. We want more tracks like this from Tara in the future. 


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