OTF Boona, an affiliate of Chicago rap star Lil Durk, is in custody.

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Officials say Boona, who’s real name is Michael Golden, was arrested Wednesday in connection to a shooting in Atlanta that injured a six-year-old boy.

A total of four people were injured including the child and all victims are expected to survive. Reports stated the child was struck by a stray bullet, as he exited a parked vehicle.


According to reports, Golden was at Cumberland Mall when he allegedly jumped out of an SUV and fired at another car before fleeing the scene.

The shootout allegedly started between two separate cars. Additional victims include 19-year-old Jokava Harris, 19-year-old Desean Powell, and 18-year-old Karanji Reese.

Police investigating say they were able to identify and track down OTF Boona after he dropped his phone at the scene of the shooting. The authorities used Boona’s phone data and social media to apprehend the suspect. Essentially social media once again helping to build a case.

This latest news follows Lil Durk becoming the face of a brand new Beats By Dre campaign. On Monday, Beats By Dre headphones announced that Lil Durk is joining them in a new campaign with luxury fashion company A-Cold Wall*.

Boona now faces four felony charged of aggravated assault with intent to murder.

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